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Selection of stock birds

Get the best birds for stock purposes.

Get stock birds from champions. Never get stock birds from unsuccessful fanciers.

Only breed from your best pigeons.

Never breed from un-proven pigeons.

Dont collect pigeons everywhere.

"Do you know which are your 5 best breeding pairs ?" (Arnold Morey)

Breed 50% of your babies from the top 5 pairs (Arnold Morey)

Dont fill your race loft with mediocrity. (Arnold Morey)

You dont need more than 8 breeding pairs (Keith Turner)

Rank your stock pairs in order of how you rate them.

Breed like with like. Try to breed medium size birds. If you cross a big bird with a small bird you wont get medium size babies, you will get one big and one small (Jan Kruger)

If you pair winners to winners you will probably produce winners (David Glover) 

When buy birds buy originals, dont buy far from the tree - even Roger Federer has a brother who cant play tennis (Jan Kruger).

Inbreed birds towards the end of a stock birds life to preserve the blood.

Narrow the gene pool in your best birds.

Breed to a written plan. Decide in advance how many you will breed from each pair.